Why I keep cost down.

Posted by on Oct 25, 2013

First and foremost, I depend on God for everything. He told me what to charge for my services, so that is what I charge. It is His money anyway, so I just trust it will meet my needs and yours.

Second, my goal is to serve small businesses and ministries. Being a small business owner and working in ministry, I know that there may not be a lot of financial resources in the beginning. But having a website is important to growing awareness and in turn growing revenue. Therefore, when I see a need, being the server God made me, I want to meet that need.

Having a website designed by Anna Martin Designs will keep more cash in your account, but the quality will not be effected. I want you to have the beautiful, sleek, eye-catching design you want, and I want to provide for my family. So my solution is to keep my prices low to serve you, and keep the quality high to serve my family. I am dependent upon word of mouth referrals. I will not do you wrong.

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