What is a sitemap?

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What is a sitemap?

According to Google, a sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content. Search engine web crawlers like Googlebot read this file to more intelligently crawl your site.

Ideally, if your site’s pages are properly linked, our web crawlers can usually discover most of your site. Even so, the ability to provide a sitemap and doing so, is a helpful tool that can improve the crawling of your site, particularly if your site meets one of the following criteria:

  • Your site is really large. As a result, it’s more likely Google web crawlers might overlook crawling some of your new or recently updated pages.
  • Your site has a large archive of content pages that are isolated or well not linked to each other. If you site pages do not naturally reference each other, you can list them in a sitemap to ensure that Google does not overlook some of your pages.
  • Your site is new and has few external links to it. Googlebot and other web crawlers crawl the web by following links from one page to another. As a result, Google might not discover your pages if no other sites link to them.
  • Your site uses rich media content, is shown in Google News, or uses other sitemaps-compatible annotations. Google can take additional information from sitemaps into account for search, where appropriate.

Also, your sitemap can provide valuable metadata associated with the pages you list in that sitemap: Metadata is information about a webpage, such as when the page was last updated, how often the page is changed, and the importance of the page relative to other URLs in the site.

What I Expect of You. Yes, You.

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When you partner with Anna Martin Designs to invest in your small business or ministry, you will get a high quality product at a very low cost. In order for me to continue to keep the costs down for you, I need my time to be respected. That means I expect you to be on the ball with providing accurate content and design preferences. If necessary, I will help you decide what you like as far as colors, typography, and layout are concerned. This will save us both time and energy if you have an idea before I start designing. If you communicate your vision effectively, I am confident in my ability to produce something you like very quickly. Although, if you are indecisive and change your mind often, it will hold up the project and cost you more money. Trust me, I am fine with that, and my family’s bellies will thank you. But I do not believe your intentions at the starting line is to double your investment because you could not make a decision. I depend on the information you give me and at the same time, need you to respect me as the designer and trust that I know my field of business like I trust you know yours. We can do anything through Christ who strengthens us.

How I keep costs down.

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How I keep costs down.

Let me start by saying, I love what I do. I love designing, creating, figuring things out, self-teaching and problem solving. All these things have served me well in life, as well as in business. I do not claim to be this “all-knowing web designer or graphic artist”. Therefore I can’t charge you thousands of dollars. It would not be right. And as I always say, “just do the right thing”.

What I do claim to have is a good eye for color and dimensions, and I am creative. But I have an even bigger heart for serving. That is what I do. That is what I love. Getting opportunities to design graphics and build websites for businesses and ministries that need a lot of help but have little to offer, is just a bonus.

Another way I keep my costs down is by using CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress. This saves an enormous amount of time, therefore saving you a big chuck of money.

Every business and ministry has different needs, most of which can be meet easily by using a CMS. This also helps with website management. If you feel the need to maintain your website yourself, the training is attainable for most computer savvy folks. Although keep in mind that website management by Anna Martin Designs is not crazy expensive either. What I provide is a way to take something off your plate so you can focus on what you are good at, and allow me to focus on what I am good at. Win-win.


Do I offer payment plans?

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I sure do offer payment plans! Most design services are broken down into phases. For example, a logo design has 2 Phases. First a deposit is required to start work. Then once a design is chosen, the remaining balance is due just prior to receiving your new logo! Website designs have at least 4 Phases, and payment is due at the completion of certain Phases. If you need a unique payment plans, that can certainly be discussed. I am willing to work with just about any budget.

Why I keep cost down.

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Why I keep cost down.

First and foremost, I depend on God for everything. He told me what to charge for my services, so that is what I charge. It is His money anyway, so I just trust it will meet my needs and yours.

Second, my goal is to serve small businesses and ministries. Being a small business owner and working in ministry, I know that there may not be a lot of financial resources in the beginning. But having a website is important to growing awareness and in turn growing revenue. Therefore, when I see a need, being the server God made me, I want to meet that need.

Having a website designed by Anna Martin Designs will keep more cash in your account, but the quality will not be effected. I want you to have the beautiful, sleek, eye-catching design you want, and I want to provide for my family. So my solution is to keep my prices low to serve you, and keep the quality high to serve my family. I am dependent upon word of mouth referrals. I will not do you wrong.

How long will it take?

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How long will it take?

What a great question! Unfortunately, I don’t feel comfortable providing an answer until I compare your desires and needs with what I am currently working on. I strive to live an honest life, therefore, one answer will not fit everyone. But, to satisfy your curiosity a little, it has been my experience that a basic website can take 3 to 6 weeks assuming you have a good idea of what you want, have content written and have funds available. I would estimate logo design to take a total of 2 weeks. Print work, like business cards, take about 3 weeks from consultation to delivery. So plan accordingly and be up front with your time constraints. I will work with you to meet the goals you express to me as best as I can.

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