This is a story of the unselfish promotion and support of one small business owner to another. It started with sharing. Sharing of a Facebook page. The Anna Martin Designs Facebook page exactly.

When I discovered that Courtnei Jones of Color Me Rainbow shared my business Facebook page with her friends, I was shocked. For a perfect stranger to support me? Wow! I do not see that very often. But, isn’t that what life is about though? To be Jesus to the least of us.

So, of course I researched her and learned all I could about her business, Color Me Rainbow. Upon visiting her website, I saw that she was using WordPress, but she had only added content and attempted to link her social media accounts. Her business is entertainment with face painting, balloon art, glitter tattoos, maternity belly art, and onsite childcare. Her website did not visually represent her passion and excitement for making smiles.

I quickly sent her an email thanking her for her kindness and offered her a discount for a website design to repay the favor. She was grateful for my professional opinion of how she could improve her online presence. And I was grateful to be asked. One thing I have learned while being in business, is that love is the most important thing. My Mother-in-law gave me a book titled “Love, The Killer App”. Following her advice, I enjoy giving the knowledge I have been granted to those that ask humbly. I have gotten to do that twice so far, and both are now my clients.

And so our partnership began. We consulted and planned, and she wrote and wrote and wrote. She was already working with someone to design her logo, but she granted me full reign for her website redesign.  It took around 3 months to completely  transformation her old website from an emotional-less website to a colorful, living business marketing piece!

The Old

Color Me Rainbow

The NEW!

The NEW Color Me Rainbow!

Here is Courtnei’s review. I think she likes her new website :)

“Although I have thanked you so much, almost every time I sent an email, I want to thank you again! You, Anna Martin, have been such a blessing! You took my trash and turned it into treasure! I highly recommend you to anyone who asks about my designer. Your spirit is filled with such love and generosity and through your skill God’s love shines so bright! You are truly living out Matthew 5:13-16, your light has shined upon me and I cannot thank God enough for finding you on Facebook, for liking your page, and for you contacting me! My new website is beautiful, and I could have never even dreamed of having a website so beautiful. I have not found one website pertaining to my craft that is as awesome as the one you, Anna of the mighty Anna Martin Designs, have designed for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to the prosperity of Color Me Rainbow because of you. You deserve a one hundred star rating. Thank you! ” Best Regards, Courtnei Jones

So, as a result, there are two blessed small business owners, and a supportive bond, that all started with a little love.

Thank you Courtnei Jones.

Now share the love and visit!

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